Bits of Random

I had some thoughts today while I was at work … but it’s the weekend now and all my active thoughts have fled.  So instead I will share with you one of the coolest houses I’ve seen in a long time.  Check it out.  It’s a house built into a hill!!  A hobit house!!!  I want to live there now!!!


Oh and because I’m feeling extra random today … when I build and live in my own little hobit house I’m going to make this yarn pom pom garland and hang it everywhere!!

Happy Friday!


Looking For: MORE SPACE!!

Tom, Jack and I currently live in a 900 square feet, one bedroom condo.  Thanks to the economy and the housing market it appears as if we will be staying in this small house for quite some time.  I have read more about storage solutions and small house living than I ever thought I would read and just when I think we’ve gotten everything the way we want it a need comes up to switch everything around.

For our newest adventure we bought a murphy bed.  You know … one of those beds that folds out of the wall?

We now own one.  The idea was to let Jack have his own room to sleep in and for Tom and I to finally be able to talk in bed (among other things!).  This murphy bed is going to live in our dinning room area which is pretty much 50% of the living area of our condo … it also wasn’t cheap.  It’s being custom built as I type this and it will hopefully be installed in a few weeks.

But we still face the problem of not enough closet space.  I’m a girl!  I need purses and shoes and clothes and jewelry (and a few more “ands”) and I need places to put them!  One small SHARED closet is not enough!!  We’re going to have a bit more free space in the bedroom once our bed resides in the dining room and I’m not opposed to putting some sort of closet solution in there but it needs to not cost thousands of dollars and be baby proof!  Does that exist?!

I know a lot of people live with a lot less … less space … less stuff … less money … and I start to feel guilty when I think about how my mixing bowl collection takes up too much space in the cabinet.  Maybe that’s the key … maybe we need to go back to simpler times … like college … when one mixing bowl was enough.  Maybe we are so focused on putting this square middle class society peg into the round small house small paycheck hole that we’re making ourselves crazy?!  I know trying to figure all this out is making me feel crazy.

Cooking Fail

I’m trying to make an effort to cook more.  So far it’s not going well.  Tom wanted to make stroganoff and I thought it would be a good idea to make it in the crock pot while we were gone at work.

This was clearly NOT a good idea.  Now the house stinks.  Thank goodness for close fast food.  Culvers for dinner it is!

Pumpkin Fun

Today was an awesome day.  I lost two pounds at my Jenny Craig weigh in, I wrote two (now three!) blog posts, and my family got to go to Gobbert’s Pumpkin Farm today!!  It was a beautiful fall day and it was awesome to spend it outside with Tom, Jack and some good friends.  Here are some highlights:



What a great day!!  We ate some yummy fall food (and I burned my tongue on hot apple cider) and had an amazing time.  Now to cap it off with some crafting.  Yay Saturday!!

Kiss & Hug

I’ve been super busy lately … my folks have been here three times in that last few months … we bought a mattress … we bought another mattress … we had Jack’s baby blessing at church … I gave a sermon … I drove to St. Louis … we had a birthday blowout for Tom’s 40th birthday … and somewhere in there I’ve been working on a new craft project.

I’ve expressed my love for Emily Peacock in previous posts … but in case you’ve missed it I’ll gush again for little bit.  She creates amazing needlepoint kits with gorgeous designs and everything included.  I was etsy-stalking her page fairly regularly but always held back because I don’t really do needlepoint … it tends to be kind of expensive and the projects are large in size … plus I really like cross stitch.  I finally got up the nerve to email her and ask if she would just sell me the patterns so I could cross stitch them and she said not only would she do that but she would provide the floss color chart that is most like the wool she picks for the projects!!!  How awesome is that!!  I love craft people.  I’ve been working on “Hug” part of my “Hug & Kiss” pattern set for a while now and I’ve been loving every bit of it!!  Here are some pics:

This was my first time using an evenweave fabric and I am TOTALLY a convert!!!  I love evenweave!!!

It’s that time of year

A photo of trees in a forest in New Jersey, Ea...

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There was frost on the windshield of my car yesterday morning.  In my book that makes it officially winter.  I love this fall/winter time of year.  I love crunchy leaves.  I love cheeks pink from cold breezes.  I love all the holidays associated with this time of year … Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas.  I love planning for those holidays … thinking about Christmas presents and what crafts I’m going to do this year.  I love fall food … the smell of pumpkin spice … a roast cooking in the oven.  I love it!  Right now, I’m even looking forward to snow!!  (find me again in 2 or 3 months and see if I still feel the same)

Yay fall!!!