I have blog ADD … I’m a blog bimbo … I love em and leave em.  And, Variegated Life, with your yarn word play name … I’m leaving you.

Good bye dumb blog name-wordpress stupidness … and hello Redhead Will Craft (No comments on the possible dumber name).


We Begin Again

Tonight was a good night … it was one of those nights when things seem to align and God pokes you with his big deity finger and says:

Hey!  Are you paying attention?!  Because I pretty much planned this for you!

My company planned an “Empowering Women” night in conjunction with the YWCA and our keynote speaker was Candi Carter … she was a Senior Producer on the Oprah Winfrey Show and has done (and is doing) many other awesome things.  The theme for the night was “Get Unstuck!” … and it was fantastic.  It was chock full of fantastic little bits of wisdom and has officially gotten me off my ass.

One of the things we discussed was creating a vision board to help us focus on the the things we want to accomplish that are really important to us … the idea is that the act of visualizing the thing we want to accomplish will help to see opportunities around us and keep us focused on what will help us get what we want.

As I drove home tonight I realized that I didn’t need to create a vision board … I already knew what I wanted to focus on … I just needed the kick in the pants to start working on it.  So here it is … my list of things that I want to do/achieve to make me a more happy me:

  1. Be more healthy
  2. Get my quality certificate
  3. Get my degree
  4. Create things with my hands
  5. Volunteer someplace/find something that matters

Those things may seem a bit vague and I’ll go into more detail in the coming days … but tonight I want to start with the first one.  Be more healthy.

I have a six month old child … and I’m overweight.  I know I’m not an unusual case here … however, I was overweight before I found out I was pregnant … right after I had Jack (my son) I weight the same as I did the day of my first doctor’s appointment … and today … well … today I’m quite a few pounds heavier than that.  Not exactly where I want to be.

But, as I’m sure many of you will attest to … dieting is hard.  It’s hard to make a drastic lifestyle change … and I know my weaknesses (oh cheetos … how I hate and love you).  So I’m going to take my “Be more healthy” pledge slowly but I am going to do it.  And I’m going to start with the “Couch to 5k” program.  It’s a fun little program (at least I hope it’s fun) that eases us couch potatoes into running a 5k over a 9 week time period by alternating between walking and running in different time intervals.  I’ve found a nifty iphone app that will help me keep track of everything and I’m starting tomorrow.

I would post a picture of “before” me – but it’s late and everyone’s sleeping.  So you’ll have to settle for some stats a picture of my scale.

Today, Thursday, July 14, 2011 I weigh 167.6 lbs (and seriously need a pedicure).

Things look a little sparse on the site right now but that will also be changing in the coming days as I flesh out my plan and have more stories to share.