The Card Saga

ethical christmas cardsYesterday I talked about how I was going to do things differently this holiday season to hopefully make myself less crazy.  One of the banes of my holiday existence is the dreaded Christmas card.

I remember the first year I decided I was “adult” enough to send out my own cards … I was so excited.  I bought my box of cards, got all my family’s addresses from my mom, got all my friends addresses, bought a ton of stamps and sat in front of the tv ready for a night of adult sophistication filling out my Christmas cards.  Flash forward to 10 years later … ask me how many years I successfully managed to send out Christmas cards?

One.  Just one.  That very first year.

I am, generally speaking, bad at these types of things.  I’m bad at thank you cards (I know that makes me a terrible person), I’m bad a writing letters or those “how have you been?” emails (but they always sound like a good idea!), and I’m pretty bad at remembering to send people birthday cards.  It doesn’t matter how many places I’ve put reminders or how far in advance I try to plan.  I can never manage to complete the “buy a card, buy a stamp, fill out the card, address the card, affix the stamp, and put it in the mail” process.  Most times I can’t make it past step one.

But not this year folks!!  If you are among my near and dear you will  be getting a Christmas card!!  And it’s all thanks to little thing called

When Apple’s iOS 5 came out in October they introduced a new app they called, in their oh so simple Apple fashion, Cards.  Cards is the nifty little app where you can upload pictures and create cards (or create non-photo cards), personalize the message inside, pick who the recipient is … and for the low low price of $3.99 Apple will print and ship that card to your loved one.  Awesome, right?!

So, of course, I had to test it out.  I uploaded a picture of Tom and I from his 40th birthday party and made him a cute little “I love you” card.  It shipped quickly and looked awesome.  I was pretty happy.  I had the thought that this would be great way to do Christmas cards.  Only $3.99 per person would get rather expensive rather quickly and Apply only had 20 or so styles to choose from and none of seemed overly Christmasy to me.  Then it occurred to me that, also in Apple fashion (meaning they like to take other people’s good idea and make them “better”), someone else had to have thought of this.

Voila!  They have a ton of different types of cards (photo and non-photo) for all sorts of occasions, they let you type in your personalized messages, they even let you upload your very own signature!  You type in the recipients address along with yours and BLAMO! the card gets printed and sent out.  And the most I’ve seen a card go for on there was $2.99.  The Christmas cards are around $1.29 and if you buy in larger quantities they get even cheaper!  So far I have sent my mom and dad an anniversary card, my cousin a birthday card, and myself 8 different version of my would be 2011 Christmas Card.

This website, without a doubt, is my new favorite discovery.  If you are bad at sending out cards like I am, I highly recommend it.  This had totally decreased some of my holiday stress and it’s actually fun!


2 comments on “The Card Saga

  1. Cliff says:

    I don’t remember if you got a card from me last Christmas or not, but it was one of 120 that went out to at least 5 countries. Rest assured, even though all I did was sign them, the process ended Christmas cards that year for me. I’m glad to know someone will be taking the helm though, even if I’m not on the list. 🙂

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