Weekends Rock!

I have had a very productive weekend so far.

Friday, Tom and I decided to play hookey.  We took Jack to daycare and then we spend the day playing.  We rode our bicycles around the neighborhood and did some shopping and finally got to see the last Harry Potter movie.  It was fantastic!  It was, by far, the best movie I’ve seen in a long time.  And it made me cry … there was this whole scene with baby Harry … I blame Jack for that … he made me all mushy!

Saturday we put on our productive hats and did ALL the laundry!  It was like going shopping!  I now have clothes to wear that I forgot I even owned!!  It’s amazing!!  And another, much more sad, thing … I now have clothes that don’t fit.  Seriously.  I just washed some clothing that I remember buying, wearing once, and by the time I finally washed it yesterday doesn’t fit anymore.   Not okay!!  Time to get back into butt kicking mode!

But I digress … so Tom and I did laundry, then I made some yummy stuffed peppers for dinner (I should have taken the picture right after they came out of the oven – this pic does NOT do them justice), and I made chocolate chip stuffed raspberries!!  Made might be a bit of a stretch … I mostly just jammed chocolate chips into raspberries … but that’s actually  bit harder than it sounds … but soooo delicious!

We watched the first pre-season Bears game last night!  Yay football!  Jack was super excited 🙂

Today I made some cranberry quick bread (from a mix) for breakfast, I plan to make a roast and mashed potatoes for dinner and I’m going stuff some strawberries with no-bake cheesecake!!

Woo whooo for the weekend!!!

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3 comments on “Weekends Rock!

  1. Cliff says:

    I am literally sitting here eating Malaysian-style paratha from Bangladesh and some regular Paneer paratha, along with mint chutney and french fries, and your blog is still making me hungry.

    • Jessie says:

      That sounds awesome!! I bought some tikka masala curry in a jar at World Market on Friday … I can’t wait to put it over some chicken and rice!

  2. Jessie says:

    Also, upon reviewing this post I realized that my weekend food has had a “stuffed” theme! Awesome!

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