I Miss the Lou

One of the things that annoys me most about Chicago is that getting into the city is a rather difficult thing when you live in the suburbs.  You have to either take the train … which takes 45 minutes and it leaves you at Union Station … which is never near where you really want to go … so then you have to either pay for cab or try to figure out the mass transit system … which, if you don’t do it every day, can be a little difficult.  Or you can drive.  Which involves anywhere from a 45 minute to 2 hour drive in terrible traffic and then you have to deal with the dreaded city parking.  Needless to say, getting in to the city is quite a feat and not one of my favorite things.

But here’s the problem … all the cool things to do are in the city!  For example … Chicago Ideas Week

October 10-16, 2011, Chicago Ideas Week (CIW) will bring the world’s top speakers together with Chicago’s best thinkers to create an ecosystem of innovation, exploration, and intellectual recreation.

CIW is an annual, seven-day celebration of ideas, innovation and community with over 100+ speakers and 60+ events at over 40 locations throughout Chicago focused on a broad range of important and compelling topics ranging from the arts, to education, finance, design, and many others. It is THE platform for ideas, created for innovators, thinkers, and doers from across the Midwest.

Sounds awesome right?!  I would love to be a part of this event … if I could I would volunteer.  But this event is taking place at many locations all over the city and there is just no way that I could back and forth from the suburbs to the city that many times and navigate all the traffic and crap.  If this was in St. Louis though?  No problem.

I miss St. Louis.

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4 comments on “I Miss the Lou

  1. M2 says:

    Come back then! =)

  2. Jessie says:

    Sure! I just need someone to buy my condo, and then a job for me, a job for Tom, daycare for Jack …

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