Time to Pack More Rats!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before … but I’m a bit of a pack rat.

I love to collect things … cross stitch patterns, blog ideas, pictures of awesome craft projects that I would love to do someday, quotes, great books to read, awesome things I find on etsy, recipes I want to make … As of late I’ve collected most of these things online … I am a great hoarder of links … my google reader is full of tabs and folders that are full of awesome blog posts detailing some awesome thing that I absolutely must do.  But here’s the problem … once I’ve created a handy dandy little tab for a certain of awesome thing to remember it’s gone … filed away … to maybe be remembered at a later date … maybe.

Luckily for me (and now you!) one of my late night blog binges brought me to Pinterest … an ingenious site that helps you collect well … anything.  You put a link in your favorites bar and then as you’re browsing the internet and find something that interests you can “pin it” and put it on your “board” … you can have any number of boards you want for all different subjects.

For example, I have a craft ideas pin board, a food bin board, a pin board to collect ideas for my kitchen redesign project, and one to keep track of all the awesome books I find online … Pinterest creates an stunning visual way to see the things that you’ve collected.  I’m totally hooked.


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