If I had to pick a thing that I could improve upon … one big global thing that I’ve always been bad at … it would be my lack of discipline.  Any and every diet, workout plan, vow to blog, write, craft, pray every day has failed in a matter of weeks … most times days.  My lack of discipline has plagued me through my life keeping me from looking the way I want, doing things I want to do, and having the financial security I need for myself and my family.

So, I pose this question:

How does one get discipline?  Where does it come from?  How did I lose it, if I ever had it?  And how do I get it back?  Or find it to begin with?

I found an article on the blog Pick the Brain that talks about just this thing … how to be disciplined.  Peter, the author, shares some very interesting thoughts about how to create self-discipline.  The first of which is having “self-knowledge” … meaning that you need to know what is really important to you and recognize the things in your brain that will keep you from getting what you want done … learning to do what is best for you despite how you feel in that particular moment.  He also talks about how it’s not an easy thing to do … how “moods, appetites and passions can be powerful forces to go against” … now he’s singing my song!

On this rare quiet morning (both my boys are still asleep!) I sit and look at the ruin of my self-discipline and all the problems it has caused … the giant list of accomplishments that I want to do but never seem to have the time for, my body which doesn’t even look like my own anymore, my inability to get a project finished, and probably the most important … my lack of money management.  And I’m wondering how I can get it back … now I can fight those moods, appetites and passions to do what I know is best for me despite how I feel … I do it for Jackson … but how do I do it for myself?

I suppose it all starts with the self-knowledge.  So, that’s where I’ll begin.  This week I’m going to attempt to be very aware of what I’m doing and why I’m doing it … I’ll try to record these moments of awareness as they occur and share them here.

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