I <3 Crafting

One of the things that I put on my life plan thingy is to create things with my hands.  I have a long tradition of crafters in my family.  I remember sleeping with a quilt that someone in my family made … it had the date embroidered in one corner and as a kid that was my favorite part … that back then (I can’t remember what the date was) someone was creating this blanket that I’m using now and thought to put the date on it.  My favorite Halloween costume was a flapper costume that my grandma made out of a little black dress and whole lot fringe!  I think I wore it every Halloween until I was about to burst right out of it.  And when I went away to college my mom made me a GIANT crocheted afghan to keep me warm during the cold Iowa winter.  As I went to bed every night I remembered my mom working on it before I left and it would make me feel warm and loved.

So I come by my love of creating naturally and I knew that when I was putting together my list of things that I want to focus on and develop to become the best me I can be that crafting needed to be on there.  I get so much joy out of the act of creating … doing something with my hands that allows my brain to still and the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from watching a piece slowly come together.

But like most of the other areas of my life I suffer from Craft Idea ADD.  I have too many ideas and I want to do them all right now!!!  I have a giant list of books saved on my Amazon wish list, a hundred great cross stitch patterns saved on Etsy, and even more things I’ve found in various books and magazines.  Where do I begin and how do I keep from starting a ton of things and finishing none?!  My friend Deb has great stick-to-it-ness when it comes to craft projects and her finished pieces are beautifully done and presented.  I wish I knew her secret.

I’ve acquired some great cross stich/needlepoint patterns from Etsy recently and I’m trying to work on all of the at the same time (and failing) because they are all just so awesome.

This patterns is from Etsy seller velvetelvi.  It’s a quote from Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden books.  I love this quote and I love these books.  This definitely has a place on my wall.

These next patterns are from the amazing Emily Peacock Tapestry.  She creates the most amazing needlepoint patters.  I have not done much needlepoint myself so I emailed her and asked if I could just buy the pattern to convert to cross stitch and she was absolutely amazing to work with.  She not only sent me just the patterns she gave me a thread conversion chart as well.




I have so many more things that I want work on and show you too!  So much awesome stuff so little time!!!

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One comment on “I <3 Crafting

  1. Deb says:

    Okay you sloth (said very lovingly, I can assure you)! Here’s what we need to do. One weekend day a month, we get together and we craft from 1-4:30. Will we get a lot done? Who knows but even if all we do is look through stuff and assemble kits to make them, and converse, it will be worth it.

    Let’s pick a date in August.


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